Black Friday Is Almost Here!

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Black Friday Is Almost Here!

I remember last year's Black Friday like it was yesterday. It was one of the first ones that I ever got to witness and follow, since I never really paid any attention to it until last year. And my, was I surprised at the price cuts and deals. I think it's amazing that a day like this exists, I just wish all countries would slash their consumer prices too so everyone could experience it. Any things you guys are looking to buy on the sales this year?

I've never been interested in Black Friday... actually I plan to be totally finished with my shopping by then and I'm already well on my way to that goal.

As far as I know, most places have great bargains, yes... but sometimes in the small print it states that each store only has [fill in the number] of the item. I've not found it worth standing in line before daybreak. :-)

I personally have never experienced Black Friday shopping!
I guess it is due to the fact that I am not much of a shopper and I like to do most of my shopping online.
I do however take advantage of this time of year to post products up for sale on eBay. I find this is usually the time of year when I make the most sales!

If you do online shopping mostly, TheVirtualTraveler, you may consider checking out some of the Cyber Monday deals that always follow Black Friday.

I almost completely forgot about Cyber Monday, I saw the deals last year on this day and they were great! It's just too bad that all of them were for U.S. only. I really wish I could participate in those because U.S. always has the best deals on this day. There are a handful of internationally open digital deals, though, but of course I prefer to buy cheap gadgets. :D

I don't like the lines and mayhem on Black Friday so I do my shopping online on Cyber Monday. I've found some really good deals on Amazon on Cyber Monday so that's when I do most of my shopping.

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