Insider Tips for Buying on eBay

eBay buying guide

The thrill of eBay is finding great deals while outbidding the competition. To be successful, you need to do more than just watch the auction. You need to dig deep into the bag tricks used by big bidders. Check out these eBay secrets to save money and win using advanced search tools, in-depth research techniques, and tricky bidding.


eBay Sellers Guide


25 million people sell on eBay; electronics, clothes, cars, art, the list is endless. If you have been considering joining them, now is the time to jump in. Starting in the spring of 2013, the online marketplace began changing several major policies to make it easier for you to sell your stuff.
eBay wants to go head to head with Amazon, so one of the major changes is to it’s fee structure. Whilte the new system is designed to attract big retailers, the streamlined fees make it much easier for newbies. There are also new policies that impact photographs, fixed pricing and shipping. Here’s how sellers can take advantage of the changes.


The Ultimate Freecycle Guide

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Did you know that Xbox games, gently used baby equipment, bags of kid’s clothes, televisions, even fish tanks are being given away every day across America on!

Freecycle is a grassroots-based recycling community whose sole purpose is to help give away what you don’t want, and get what you do want, free. Here’s a simple guide to Freecycle so you can get started right away. Get ready to furnish your house, clothe your kids, and save planet earth from becoming one big giant landfill. Think of it like shopping and swapping for a cause.

In this Freecycle guide:


How to find local eBay and classified deals

ebay purchases

Are you looking for a chair that would go great with your couch or the perfect watch? Well, the item you are searching for may be closer than you think.


Cheap iPads


Tablet computers have transformed the way we communicate, play and do business electronically. As we watched laptops become smaller and phones become more sophisticated, Apple and its competitors turned the computing world on its ear with the introduction of the bigger-than-a-phone, smaller-than-a laptop tablets. It should come as no surprise that the iPad and its many "generations" lead the pack in the tablet market. If you are in the market for an iPad there are ways to save money and get the device that is right for your needs.

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