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Best Balance Transfer Cards

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This is for existing credit card debt only. For NEW borrowing see 0% Credit Cards

Transferring existing credit card or store card debt to a ‘new card’ with low or 0% interest can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars. By transferring your balance you can repay the higher interest debt at a cheaper rate.


Reduce debt faster with the credit card shuffle

credit card shuffle

If you are looking for a way to reduce monthly interest payments on your credit cards, the credit card shuffle is for you.

Who benefits from the credit card shuffle?

Anyone who has debt on high interest credit cards can benefit from the credit card shuffle. People with excellent credit can benefit from the credit card shuffle if they have credit instruments with high interest charges. This isn't just for those who are over extended or have a low credit score. If you recognize yourself in any of these descriptions, it is time to shuffle.


Best Credit Cards for Those with Bad Credit

cards for people with bad credit


How to Choose the Best Credit Cards if you have Bad Credit

Have you applied for a credit card and found yourself rejected? If so, you’ll want to figure out why you've been turned down. Then, either find cards that fit your current credit profile or try to rebuild your credit rating. Visit ConsumerFU's Guide to Credit Scoring for more detailed information on credit scores. Rebuilding credit is not as hard as you may think; use the top 'bad credit' credit card and maintain a manageable balance. Make payments on time each month to show you are able to manage debt and are willing and able to pay back what you borrow. Discover how to avoid continuous rejection and how to improve your credit history.


Best 0% Interest Credit Cards

zero percent

If used correctly, credit cards can be the cheapest and easiest way to borrow. 0% for 18 months is a steal- but if you don’t pay it back in the allotted time, you can be stuck not only paying the original amount that you owe, but also compounded interest for years. Borrow Smart and you can save $1,000’s of dollars.

Ask yourself first if a credit card loan is right for you

As everyone knows there is good debt and there is bad debt. Many of us were hard hit by the recession and the credit crunch. Getting credit for a simple personal loan has become a paperwork nightmare. So the credit card loan can be an easy solution to settling your debts, but if you lose your job and subsequent income you can get into even worse shape. So pick a card, but not just any card and before you choose one keep this in mind.


How to Pay for College

College tuition costs

Every year high school juniors and seniors plan to attend college, sometimes not knowing how they will pay the tuition. Thousands of others may not apply despite having excellent credentials because they don’t think their families can afford the expenses associated with attending college. While costs have skyrocketed over the past decade, with proper planning and an active search for college funding, many students can find the money to help pay their way. There are several ways families can save for or find money to pay college tuition.


How Credit Scoring Works

how credit scoring works

What is Credit Scoring?

It is common knowledge that different people have a different reputation in the credit world based upon their past uses of credit. And most people know that this can have a large impact on the rates that you receive on a loan or credit card, or if you can even get that loan or card. Anyone who has ever used credit for any reason has a credit score. This is a number that reflects all of your credit history and communicates to lenders how much of a risk you are. By your score, a potential creditor knows how high of a risk it will be to lend to you. Credit scores range between 300 and 850, with 300 being a very bad score and 850 being an excellent score. Understanding the dynamics behind this number can save you both money and reputation.


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