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Affiliate Marketing Software

When it comes to affiliate marketing software, you have two broad categories- software for affiliate marketers, and software for those running affiliate schemes.

Link Shortening, Click Tracking & Conversion Tracking

The first category is a suite of tools used by marketers to promote other people’s products.

These typically fall into two categories- tools designed to be used when purchasing paid traffic, and tools used for promoting other channels, such as social, email and content marketing.

When looking for a tool to use with paid traffic, your best bet is Voluum, as it contains a number of features specific for dealing with ad networks.


The Top 15 Steps to How to Shop Online Safely

In this day and age shopping has never been made easier. You can shop till you drop from the comfort of your own home. However, online shopping can be risky as well. Account details including your credit card information can get hacked easily.

Don’t worry though - here are the 15 steps that will help you to shop online safely.

#1. Use a trusted website.

Always shop on popular sites.  Amazon, Target, eBay, and Etsy are sites you can trust. If you are looking for a less known website, take a look at whether the site is hosted on a ‘https’ server. That’s why it is so important when you love to playing online games, to make sure that the site is hosted on a ‘https’ server, like it does on the Betchain bonus code for instance. Or when you’re looking for online reviews. You have to look for things that make you trust the site more.

#2. Check for SSL.


Tips for Beginners in Online Gambling

As everything else in this world, the new era of digitalization has changed a lot of things. One of its biggest impacts has been on casinos. Nowadays, you no longer have to go to the physical casino and risk never coming out, because you get too caught up in the game. In addition, if you are afraid to go in for whatever reason, you do not have to worry, because it is easier now in the online world.

Although some luck games such as poker can be more fun in person, for online slots the excitement is mostly the same. This is why, today, we have decided to help you level up a bit in the online casino world and give you some tips and tricks to get the money coming.


Technology in Simpler Forms

Technology has changed and developed in so many ways and it continues to develop. Nowadays people only think of technology in the most complex ways and forget about the ways that embrace technology.

If one mentions the word technology, most people's minds rush to online betting sites apps, cars, smartphones, computers and what computers are capable of doing. It's now even worse as our mobile can do so much more for us, hence most people do not really have a clear definition of what technology really is.

Every Technology

The basic things you get to access and do in your homes is the very beginning of technology. The bed you wake up from has its own form of technology. The springs that support the bed and everything that supports the bed to whole and comfortable. All that is part of technology. In the kitchen and bathroom sinks, the taps create the movement of water.


The Most Lucrative Kickstarter Campaigns

To celebrate Kickstarter’s 10th anniversary, we decided to talk about the four of the best practices of gaining investment from the general public, while also taking into consideration what did not work.

Due to the lack of funding, starting their own company or even just create a product seemed quite impossible for most people until 2009. In April of that year, Kickstarter revolutionised the world of financing by directly implicating the end users: the customers.

Although crowdfunding was not something new, Kickstarter took this concept and made it mainstream. It made possible that many entrepreneurs, inventors, and even artist had their ideas turned into reality. How? People started pre-ordering products. This led to a quick financing of the product, and the end users also received various rewards according to the amount of money pledged.


Amazing Reasons Why You Should Take Music Lessons

Music is a deep way of communicating and expressing emotions. Art and music are critical to the mind and once you join a music class you will enjoy the incredible benefits of being in one. One thing for sure is that music soothes the soul, provide mental strength, emotional and educational benefits. Go through the following amazing benefits and start your musical experience today.


Best Link Trackers

When it comes to link tracking, you have a number of options, including Voluum, Clickmeter, Rebrandly, Genius Link, Linktrackr, Clickmagick, CPV Lab Pro and Linkly.

About Linkly

Linkly is the best link tracker available and is used by affiliate marketers everywhere.

Linkly works like a link shortener (like You give it a URL, and it will provide a special URL which tracks users.

When a user clicks on this URL, you can now see when, where and on what device they clicked on the link.

Linkly also offers a number of advanced features to help boost revenues.


Mind-blowing Tips on How to Teach Your Kids about Finances

white piggy bank

As parents, it feels good and it gives a sense of responsibility when you are able to take care of your kids. Sometimes it gets a little overboard when you buy things for your kids and not let them make their own money and be able to manage their finances. Let them work and perhaps receive an allowance and watch as they spend or save that money. After all, they would have learned from the best.

Having the money talk with your kid

Some parents still think it’s a taboo to have the money talk with their kids. Well, it's so necessary because times have changed and you have to catch them young. It does not matter how much you earn or if you make money through internet betting, but make sure you share that information with your cubs.


How Bad Credit Ratings Can Affect You Significantly

Sometimes, businesses can find it tough and when times are hard, they could get themselves into a bit of a pickle financially. This is when they occasionally reach out for some help from institutes like banks or lenders. If you have a poor credit rating, then this could affect your company’s ability to get credit or the credit that is offered to you could be on really bad terms as the lender will see you as a potential risk. 


How to Make Sure That Your Parents Are Accurately Insured?

Have you ever thought of securing your parent’s health? For the same, you must be looking for an effective health insurance policy. When you start exploring for the same, you must have noticed that there are multiple options available in the market for the same. There are specific plans to cater to different needs of customers such as according to age, health history, etc.

Insurance companies have come out with specific plans for youngsters and for the senior citizen section as well.  On searching online you will see that a few plans are there for the age group of the 50s or 60s or basically the elderly people.


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