Walmart Offering iPad Mini for $299

iPad Mini

Walmart is offering brand new 16GB Wi-Fi iPad Mini models for $299 across the US.

This is the same as Apple's refurbished price for the same item. The item is to pick up in-store only, however customers can reserve one online.
Source: Dealnews.


Recipes for Broke People: Lentil Soup

lentil soup

Editor's Note: This is the first in a running series on inexpensive recipes to make at home. Please don't hesitate to contribute your own in the comments.
In our home nothing says comfort like a big pot of soup made from scratch with fresh ingredients. The most versatile soups can be adjusted to accommodate the foods you have on hand. A favorite in our home is Lentil soup. I've added everything from carrots to kale and often both.
The beauty of lentils is that they don't require overnight soaking and with a little advanced prep work, the soup is ready in less than an hour. So, it's not only inexpensive to make, it fits perfectly into a busy lifestyle. This recipe makes a nice large pot, but freezes well. If you are single or a small family, Instead of reducing the recipe, consider freezing servings for another day.

Hearty Lentil Soup



Friday Finds: Our Favorite Personal Finance Posts March 30 Edition

nest egg

Today’s Friday Finds celebrates quality content in personal finance blogs. We’re sharing a few finds that are entertaining and informative by writers who really seem to engage their readers on a personal level.

Afford Anything - Sheer Willpower Won’t Work. Here’s Why.

Paula Pant is an award winning journalist who turned to building a real estate empire in Atlanta after selling all her worldly possessions to travel the world. She shares her take on Charles Duhigg’s book, The Power of Habit.
Money Quote

We can’t change our habits with Post-It Notes, pep talks and Top 10 lists. We can only change them by understanding our human psychology – what drives us? We can only change our habits if learn how to manage our urges, rather than fight them.


How I'm paying off my mountain of debt

mountain of debt

Citi: $598.09. Discover: $4748.09. Chase: $5580.33. University loan: $385.65. Wells Fargo: $621.22. Sallie Mae: $12, 893.05.
Total credit debt: $10,917.42 Total student loan debt: $13,899.92
Seemingly smart people can do dumb things sometimes, especially when it comes to their finances. I got my Bachelor of Science in Astronomy, with minors in Physics and Mathematics. Sounds impressive, right? Looking at the above numbers, I have to show some humility. Believe it or not, I’ve come a long way. Some of those totals used to be two, three or even larger multiples of what they are now. I also have an American Express credit card that I’ve paid off, and from which I’m now reaping the rewards. What has worked for me in paying off my debt?


Top Ten Personal Finance Blogs

Top Ten Personal Finance Blogs

There are a lot of people giving financial advice on the Internet. We looked for sites that are updated frequently and that offer excellent advice on a well-rounded list of topics in the area of personal finance. Below is our list of the top ten financial blogs along with our reasons for including them.


Yakezie Carnival March Madness Edition

Yakezie Carnival

We are excited to host the Yakezie Carnival this week. There are some great posts included in the list below. We're new to the Yakezie Challenge and this was a great opportunity to get to know other challenge members. Enjoy!


Jeff Rose @ Good Financial Cents writes Penny Stock Debacle: How I Lost $5,000 and You Can (and Better!) Avoid It - When buying an over-the-counter stock, otherwise known as a penny stock, you must be sure to protect yourself and make sure that when you place an order to buy or sell, that you put a specific price on it. Learn from my mistake!


Take charge of your finances with a spending diary

spending diary

Keeping a spending diary is one of those obvious tactics that you've probably heard or read about somewhere. Now it is time to do it. Even those of us who have little to no debt need to periodically monitor our spending to get back on track. It is amazing how much money most Americans waste.
I didn't realize just how much money was seeping out of my monthly budget until I kept a money diary. This was in the early days when I was working to pay off all of our unsecured debt. The first week or so I kept the diary I spent less because I knew it had to be written down. Then old habits kicked in and by the end of the month I figured out we had spent about $350 on nothing.
Too much was being spent for lunches and I wasn't planning ahead for snacks when I was out with our small children. These were the days before the internet made buying so easy or we probably would have wasted even more.


Friday Finds: Favorite Posts from Week of March 22

With so much information on the web it can be easy to get lost reading. ConsumerFu’s culled a few of this week’s favorites from fellow personal finance writers. Feel free to share your favorites in the comments.

A Young Pro - Finding Your Passion

A Young Pro writes about why it is so important to find your passion in life. He is a new college graduate with a family and his perspective is as pertinent to my empty nest situation as it is for a college student or young professional.
Money Quote


Are you liable for your fiance's debts?

Premarital debt

Wedding season is fast approaching and some of you headed down the aisle may be wondering if you are also marrying your future spouse’s debt. The short answer is that you may be marrying it, but you aren’t legally liable for it. The longer and better answer is that it all depends on your state of residence and your financial behavior after marriage.
State laws govern marital property. Generally, if you live in a ‘community property’ state the debt of each spouse is considered to be owed by both spouses if it was incurred during the marriage. Community property states are Louisiana, Wisconsin, Arizona, Idaho, Nevada, Washington, Oregon, California and New Mexico. Alaska offers couples a choice.
If you live in a common law state debts incurred by each spouse are owed only by that spouse unless the debt is for a joint family purpose - housing, food, college tuition, etc. Common law states are all those not listed above.


ConsumerFu is joining the Yakezie Challenge

Yakezie challenge

ConsumerFu is joining the Yakezie Challenge as part of our commitment to bring our readers the most accurate information in personal finance news.
As a member of this challenge group we commit to write at least 3 times each week and to work with our fellow Yakezie Challenge members to promote high quality, factually correct articles and blog posts. During the six month challenge period we will work to grow our site to an Alexa ranking above 200k.
The Yakezie Challenge was started by Sam Dogen from the Financial Samurai blog. After completing the challenge, bloggers are included in an influential network of financial writers and site owners who are dedicated to helping others better their financial lives.


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