Why It May Be Time for You to Re-Brand

Relaunching a brand is not for the faint at heart nor is it for the hasty. It needs to be thoroughly considered before any steps are taken to move away from the existing image, as it takes time and money and if done wrong – your entire business could be effected.

So, are you thinking of re-branding? Or are you concerned about your current image? The following are just a few signs that indicate it may be time for action.

Your Image is Outdated

Just like that living room suite from the 1980's may need an upgrade, the same may be true of your business design. Colour preferences change as do styles and perceptions. There may nothing inherently wrong with your logo, but you may be feeling that it no longer represents you as a forward-thinking firm. If your website layout is also passé, this is sufficient cause to look at creating something fresh. Your needs may be as simple as changing the details of your design while keeping the majority of its composition intact. If you have any doubts on how to do this successfully, you should have your brand redesigned professionally.

Your Message Needs Revision

There are a few things that can cause a company to need to redo its primary tagline or image. You may have created your materials initially when your experience was limited, and you may not have had a handle on what you truly wanted to communicate. Also, it is possible that your first attempt was not done professionally and that this is now holding you back. If you find your current message is misunderstood by your audience, it’s time to change it.

Your Goals Are No Longer the Same

It is very likely that you started your branding for the purposes of building a blog or finding clientele for your business. You may have also begun in one segment of your field only to find yourself branching out into another. This is common amongst businesses as many find it hard to stay on the track they originally laid out. You may still be able to implement a new direction for your business, whilst maintaining some of your old methods, or it may be time to just start from scratch.

Keeping the old for too long and following undesirable goals may be limiting sales and keeping you from reaching your full potential as a company. 

Your Current Branding Just Isn't Working

The work that you've put into your marketing has one purpose: to attract customers. If you've found that it doesn't seem to be working, make sure you do some research before recasting your vison. You may want to conduct testing panels or conduct customer surveys to see how your audience actually feels about your company.

Because there are certain risks to changing your image, you'll want to take some time to determine that the culprit truly is your branding. Make sure that your goals, philosophies and services are boiled down to their base components in an attractive, sleek way. 

Your Target Demographic is Changing

Sometimes an enterprise has been doing business with a certain age group only to find that they want to offer to another segment of the population. As your business grows, it’s completely normal for your audience to change with it. Although your original brand image may have worked for one audience, it may not work for the newcomers. Again, it’s essential to conduct research on what your audience wants and design your branding around that.

If you think it’s time for change and you’re fed up declining sales, start planning for a re-brand as soon as possible. Your customers are out there. They’re just waiting to be captivated by the right company, and that could be you if you do it right.