Two Ecommerce Companies Whose Customer Service Support You Can Learn From

At the Ritz Carlton hotel chain, the staff is guided by this mantra: “We are ladies and gentlemen serving ladies and gentlemen.” If your customer service department approaches its duties with that attitude, you’ll win tons of repeat business. Customers want to feel like you value their trade. When you’re operating an ecommerce enterprise platform, the best way to demonstrate this is to ensure their concerns are taken seriously and addressed in the most expeditious manner possible. Here are two ecommerce companies from whose customer service you can learn:

Luxury retailer Moda Operandi enjoys the reputation of having some of the finest customer service in the business. Of course, given the price point of its offerings, this is perhaps to be anticipated. After all, good luxury shoppers expect to be taken care of in a certain fashion. Still, there’s much a popularly priced retailer can learn from Moda Operandi. Their overarching goal is to do everything possible to ensure the customer’s purchase works right out of the box and the customer gets exactly what she wants every time. They pay attention to her past purchases to ensure any suggestions made will blend seamlessly with an existing wardrobe. They also do not engage in short term profit at the expense of long-term sales. For this reason, Moda Operandi CSR’s (customer service representatives) do not encourage impulse shopping. Their goal is to ensure total satisfaction, so the shopper will return to experience it again and again.

Online apparel retailer Zappos is well known for going above and beyond to take care of its customers. Legend has it that one Zappos client was on a business trip in Las Vegas when she realized she’d forgotten her shoes. Searching for them on the Zappos website she discovered they were no longer in stock. Upon learning of this situation, the Zappos CSR went online, found the shoes in a store in Las Vegas, bought them and had them delivered to the woman at her hotel—for free. With treatment like that, where do you think she went the next time she needed a pair of shoes? Do you think she also became an enthusiastic evangelist for the brand? Of course she did.

All of the best enterprise ecommerce platforms are exceptionally responsive to their customer’s needs. Even if your business can’t afford to buy a customer’s shoes and hand deliver them at no charge. You can run a search for something they need in an emergency if you don’t have it on hand, make the purchase for them and get it hand delivered. That alone will impress the shopper — even if they have to pay extra for it.

This extends beyond product. The best companies make sure email gets immediate attention and a response. It is imperative to get back to your customers as soon as possible. Remember, the internet moves at the speed of light. If you aren’t taking care of your shoppers in a timely fashion, you’d best believe they’re looking for someone who will. Even better, provide a customer service phone number staffed by a live human being and make sure that number is prominently featured on each page of your site.

Another thing both companies do is cheerfully accept returns with no questions asked. Online shopping is fraught with risk. Your customers choke the anxiety of that risk down each time they make a purchase. Knowing they can send something back if it doesn’t work for them relieves much of that anxiety. If cash flow issues prevent you from doing this, you should at least offer them exchanges in the form of a store credit.

Loyalty should be rewarded as well. Keep track of your customer’s purchases so you can offer them discounts, free shipping, or some other perk to let them know their repeat business is appreciated when it hits a certain threshold. If problems crop up, be the solution, not an extension of the problem. If your CSRs argue with customers, or treat them unfairly, you’ll notice a definite decline in repeat business.

Long story short, if your customer service people act like ladies and gentlemen serving ladies and gentlemen, your business will do just fine.