The Chinese Know How to Attract Buyers

Chinese streets

Low prices, endless assortment, convenient payment methods and free shipping - more and more online shopping enthusiasts from Europe are attracted to Chinese trading platforms.

Whether it's Aliexpress, Banggood, Gearbest or Geekbuying, you can buy practically anything there, from small kitchen gadgets to clothing and consumer electronics.

How to Avoid Losing on Currency Exchange

The main currency of Chinese online shops is the USD. Payment, for example, in British pounds, therefore, results in currency conversion at the rate set by the shop or payment operator. This is usually of little benefit to the customer.

However, these inconveniences can be minimised by using the currency exchange service available at - You can save a lot by exchanging currency before completing the transaction and paying in dollars.

Chinese Purchases - Customs Duty

In accordance with the provisions of Articles 23 and 24 of the European Community Council Regulation no. 1186/2009 of 16 November 2009, ‘low value goods’ sent from a third country directly to a recipient in a European Union country are exempt from customs duty.

'Low value' means products up to the equivalent of 150 euro. However, alcohol, perfume and tobacco are not exempt.

A separate category is mobile phones, smartphones, tablets, smartwatches and drones, which are all duty free, even if their value exceeds the equivalent of 150 EUR.

How much is the customs duty for other products? The exact rate can be checked with the ISZTAR Integrated Tariff System, which is continuously updated on the basis of national data and information from the Directorate-General for Taxation and Customs Union.

Free Shipping

Shopping from China would not be so attractive, if it weren't for the low cost of delivery. When placing an order, make sure that you have chosen the correct shipping method. It's usually the local post office.

Most retailers offer a free shipping method. Although this option can take up to a month to complete, we avoid additional costs.

Courier shipments are much faster and more expensive. However, the delivery price often exceeds the value of the order and is not cost-effective.

Cheaper than in England

Shopping in Chinese online shops often turns out to be cheaper than in England. With customs and exchange issues in mind, we can save much more. Then the shopping frenzy behind the virtual Great Wall will become even more attractive.

Goods or Refunds

Aliexpress, the shopping giant, guarantees delivery of goods in 60 days. If the deadline is not met, the buyer can count on a refund. An important feature of the transaction is that the portal stores the money until it receives a confirmation from the customer that the ordered goods have arrived. Only after this, does the seller receive payment.

Customers can be protected from disappointment by product images and buyer reviews. They are especially useful when choosing clothing sizes.

Dispute as a Last Resort

Chinese retailers try to take care of their brand and positive comments. Sometimes they add small gifts to the order to make a good impression. However, in reality there is never 100% of satisfied customers. All European buyers of goods, which only seemed to be impeccable in the sales offers, are facing the same problem. In the event of a mistaken purchase, the buyer must assert his rights by establishing an online dispute with the seller, and also bear the costs of possibly returning of goods.