Best Link Trackers

When it comes to link tracking, you have a number of options, including Voluum, Clickmeter, Rebrandly, Genius Link, Linktrackr, Clickmagick, CPV Lab Pro and Linkly.

About Linkly

Linkly is the best link tracker available and is used by affiliate marketers everywhere.

Linkly works like a link shortener (like You give it a URL, and it will provide a special URL which tracks users.

When a user clicks on this URL, you can now see when, where and on what device they clicked on the link.

Linkly also offers a number of advanced features to help boost revenues.

Location Based Redirects

With location based redirects, you can redirect a user to different locations depending on where they are clicking from. For example, you can send a user from the USA to a site denominated in US dollars, and another from the EU to a site denominated in Euros, as customers prefer to pay in their local currencies. This helps boost conversions.

Mobile App Redirects

You can redirect a user based on the device they click with. For example, if you are promoting an app, you can use a single link to send iPhone users to the Apple App Store, Android users to the Google Play Store, and desktop users to a landing page elsewhere. Of course, every single link is tracked.

Branded URL Shortener

You can use your own domain with Linkly, which means visitors will never know they have clicked a Linkly smart link. This helps to improve conversions and improves your branding.

Retargeting and remarketing

You can use third party tracking pixels (such as Facebook ads or Google ads), and tag each person who clicks a link, and then show them ads around the internet. This is particularly powerful, as often uplift in sales from using retargeting is as much as 3x, as customers have already exhibited buying behaviour.

Link Rotators

Sometimes you want to split traffic between multiple destinations, perhaps to test and compare two different offers or products. Linkly lets you create an A/B rotator link, and will split traffic randomly in the proportion you decide between destinations.

Linkify Text

Linkly offers an advanced on site feature. It can detect words and phrases in the body text of your website, and automatically add links to them. This is particularly good for people running blogs and sites with lots of content.

Try Linkly Today

Linkly has a free plan with all features for up to 2000 clicks per month. Try Linkly today.