7 Tricks to Cheap Student Travel

So, the hot season is approaching, and you’re thinking about a short trip to a city nearby? Or maybe you’re ready to fulfill your dream to see the world? Anyway, students all over the world put their homework aside, letting US, Canada or Australian assignment help service work on their assignments, and start preparing for a vacation.

The first thing that bothers students is their budgets. Most young people are very limited in a financial aspect and can’t afford much. So, we’ve designed this little guide on how to travel cheap to help you organize your vacation properly.

Few Tips to Remember

  • Look for available deals.
    There are plenty of options for cheap travel for students – you only have to know where to search for them. Some websites have specific offers for young people, which means their deals are affordable and interesting, providing students with exciting experiences of traveling. Be sure to monitor all the available bargains and keep watching for the new ones.

  • Plan your travel.
    Time is what you always lack in your everyday life so don’t think that anything will change during your vacation. In order to not waste even a minute, you should get down to planning the trip early. Do some research to find out about the sites worthy of seeing, look for the places you can visit in your spare from sightseeing time, and arrange all this information into a precise plan.

  • Don’t go to popular places.
    It’s definitely more appealing to travel to some renowned countries and cities, but you have to understand that it’s also rather expensive. Besides, such places are usually overcrowded in summer when students are most likely to have time for traveling. Visiting some of the most popular European capitals, you won’t even have a chance to meet the locals and discover the culture of these countries because tourists will be everywhere you go.

  • Go for buses, trains, and autos.
    Saving on reaching the destination is one of the best ways to travel cheap. You might want to travel by bus, train, or even go for a shared car ride, as it will cost you less than flying. However, some websites for cheap travel offer big discounts for flights that you can get with your student card.

  • Save on your residence.
    High rates for accommodation are typical for most countries. If you want to save some bucks on sleeping and then spend them on having fun, then sharing a room with somebody else will be a perfect solution. You may choose to live in a hostel where you will rent a sole bed instead of a whole hotel room or apartment. Another option is Couchsurfing, which involves staying with local people.

  • Take your friends with you.
    It’s another great way to enjoy exploring the world along with spending little money. When you’re not alone, the trip will be a completely new experience. You will not only share the memories with your close ones but also share the expenses like a rental payment, some entertainment activities, excursions, etc. It’s a common philosophy to charge less when there are more people to participate.

  • Use student discounts.
    While you’re still studying, you should take advantage of all the benefits that being a student gives you – a student card is required here! Do you have one? If yes, there is a large number of exclusive offers that open up before you when you show your card or tell its ID. It includes discounts for tours themselves, accommodation, travel tickets, entertainment, restaurants, etc. Don’t lose it!