5 things you should never buy second-hand

Most people today are looking for ways to save a bit of money in their day to day lives, and buying things second hand is a great way to do it. However, in this life there are some things that you should never buy second hand or used for many reasons. Buying these products without knowing their history can be a big risk that you likely wouldn’t want to take – especially if it were to put your life or the life of your child on the line. If you are having trouble affording these products from new, consider a payday loan for important expenses and avoid cutting costs on the products that matter.

Helmets and protective gear

You should never take a chance on a used helmet if you care about your safety. You never know the history of a used helmet and what kind of wear and tear it has. Motorcycle helmets in particular should always be bought new because if the polystyrene underneath the outer shell has already been compressed then it won’t provide you with any protection, and this is something that you won’t always be able to tell. Certain materials can also become brittle as they age, so you should never buy protective gear that you’re not confident enough to trust with your life.


While bedframes are usually alright to buy second hand if you can confidently say that they won’t fall apart on you any time soon, mattresses, pillows, and bedsheets are another story. Infestations are your first big concern and bedbugs and dust mites can easily latch onto old sheets and pillowcases. Certain types of bacteria can also cling to these kinds of fabrics, which can be dangerous for you and deadly for a new born if you purchase second hand blankets and pillows for them without knowing where they came from. You and your children deserve to sleep in a fresh, clean bed, so buy from new and take care of your mattresses and bedsheets to make them last longer.


One study performed by the LA Times found that 100% of makeup testers in several department stores that they visited were contaminated with strep, staph, E. coli and other bacteria.  When you buy second hand cosmetics, you never know who has used or touched the product or where it has been, which means that you probably shouldn’t put it on your face. It’s always been advised that you never share makeup and buying makeup and cosmetics second hand is just as big of a problem.  Either buy new or go barefaced if you want to save your skin.

Swimsuits and underwear

This is rule number one for a lot of reasons. Not only do the materials of these clothing items wear out quickly, but all types of bacteria and even fungus can survive in clothing, so just don’t do it.

Child car seats

Like helmets, a little bit of wear and tear can have devastating results and compromise the function of a car seat. If a seat has been dropped or involved in a crash, it may have hidden cracks, broken or missing internal components, and the safety belts may have weakened. This means that there is a chance that they won’t be of much use if you were to have an accident and your child was sitting in a used seat. Similar to bedsheets and mattresses as well, all kinds of bacteria can be left in used car seats as they can be quite difficult to wash and mould can even grow on them. A new car seat will be clean, fully functional, and have all of the latest safety features to keep your child safe, so don’t risk buying used.