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UK vs US Savings Methods

There’s no getting away from it, we should all be saving. And while that may seem difficult in the current economic climate, it’s still important to save what you can for the future.


How Much Life Insurance Do You Need?

Death is a subject that many people put off talking about and planning for until they are faced with the loss of a loved one. While putting off the inevitable may be a way of coping for some, neglecting to properly plan for your family's financial future can leave them in dire straits once you are gone.

One of the easiest ways to free your family of the financial burdens that often accompany the death of a loved one is to invest in a life insurance policy. Although getting life insurance is a relatively simple process, deciding how much insurance you should invest in can be tricky. So which factors should you take into consideration when choosing a life insurance policy for your needs? We have compiled a checklist that you can use to compare your current coverage based on the coverage amounts you may actually need.

Final Expenses


Tips on saving money on coupons

Are you looking to save some money the next time you go grocery shopping? Coupons may be able to save a significant part of your shopping expenses, at times slashing your bills by 30 percent or more. Read on to know more about saving money with coupons.

Look for coupons for things you will really use

You can try other brands and experiment, but when you look for coupons it is best to stick to things that you will really use. Do not buy unwanted items just to get those extra coupons; they are not worth it in the long run. In fact, cutting down on these extra items itself can help save you lots of money.


Debt Solutions You Probably Haven't Considered

Debt Solutions You Probably Haven't Considered

Even if debt is just part of normal life for most, it doesn't mean it has to be for you. Many don't realize that they're actually closer to paying off their debt than they realize, and all it takes is some creativity to free you from it.

Use It or Lose It
Many of us get into debt from buying things, and it's often dumb habits when it comes to personal finance that has us wind up with stuff we don’t really need or use later. Almost everyone has acquired several items that now collect dust and could be turned into cash. The elliptical machine that became a clothes hanger could be just the start. Rummage through your garage or basement to see what treasures you might part with.


Choosing Insurance

Insurance is a vital part of financial planning because life is unpredictable at best. Insurance helps protect you against the vagaries of life that can cause you financial harm.
Many individuals have not considered this or are new to the idea of purchasing insurance. Almost everyone is familiar with insuring their car because the law requires it, but there are varieties of other types available. When you're purchasing Columbus insurance, it's necessary to begin with evaluating and identifying your risk exposure. Do this by examining valuable property you own or lease, consider activities you engage in that could injure yourself, consider activities you do that could cause injury to others, and determine how vital a steady income is to you if you should become injured or disabled. Think about the effect upon your dependents and their lives if you die unexpectedly.


7 Frugal Spring Shopping Tips

Spring is the time when everyone craves a fresh, new look. The arrival of warmer weather encourages us to try new styles and embrace the delights of spring. However, there is a huge temptation to go out and splurge on a totally new wardrobe. It’s easy to convince yourself that you really do need 50 new items of clothing because they are necessities for the spring season. Stop right there. Pause for a moment and remind yourself that there are other ways to revamp your wardrobe than spending all your savings on a shopping spree. You can be frugal when it comes to spring shopping. Here are 9 ideas to keep costs down on your spring shopping.


1. Evaluate Your Wardrobe


Savings tips for your visit to Monte Carlo

The bright lights of Monte Carlo in Monaco could be drawing you in, the lavish lifestyles, cruising on a P Diddy/Puff Daddy sized yacht, rubbing shoulders with Europe’s elite and winning of numbers who have only every dreamed about.

The allure of a place like Monte Carlo constantly draws flocks of people to its shores, and the Monte Carlo Resort and Casino is one such venue that has been a staple on any tourists planned outings.

Here are some savings tips you should take note of before you take your first or next trip to Monaco and the illustrious Monte Carlo Resort and Casino:


How Australian Money is Made

how australian money is made infographic Infographic   How Australian Money Is Made
Courtesy of: LendMe Finance

The rise of no win, no fee, and how it affects business owners

The Brits have always been the type to just get on with things, not make a fuss, and secretly grumble when things go wrong. This meant that, as a nation, the amount of lawsuits brought against companies by individuals was negligible in comparison to the US. Recently however, there has been a bit of a shift towards the American culture of suing and compensation, and more cases are being heard in court than ever before. So what does this mean for businesses? And why has it all come about?


CVS Ban On Cigarettes Sparks National Debate

CVS has recently announced their decision to stop selling cigarettes. The second largest pharmacy chain in the nation claims that by not selling tobacco products, it will cost them more than it costs the tobacco companies, but that it is a step in the right direction for them. They believe that in the long term it may decrease the amount of people smoking, and provide an opportunity to E-cigarette manufacturers.

According to CEO Larry Merlo, banning tobacco products is the correct decision, even though it may cost the company up to $2 billion in annual revenue.  He stated on CBS this morning that “There’s a growing focus and emphasis on health outcomes, managing chronic disease and, by the way, more than half of all Americans suffer from one or more chronic diseases, as well as focusing on controlling and reducing health care costs.”


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