25 Ways to Upcycle


Upcycling converts garbage into fun new usable products. It just takes a little ingenuity and inspiration. Here are 25 simple ways from the ConsumerFu Pinterest Board to help you get started.

  1. Have an old sweater that's out of date? Unravel it and reknit it into something you can use like a scarf or a hat.
  2. Make a soda can notebook.
  3. Want some summer lanterns? Turn old Ball canning jars into hanging lights.
  4. Need somewhere to sit? Make a magazine chair.
  5. Make an elegant chandelier from coffee spoons.
  6. Want a tween craft? Get them to make wallets out of waxed cardboard orange juice containers.
  7. Have an old dresser? Make it into a dollhouse.
  8. Want some stylish funky cocktail glasses? Reuse your beer bottles.
  9. For the five and under set, turn a plastic chicken rotisserie container into a mini-greenhouse.
  10. Repurpose an old boot into a bird’s nest.
  11. Need mittens? Have an old sweater? Here’s a simple pattern.
  12. Outdated suitcases make wonderful dressers.
  13. Kids too short to reach the faucet? Create a sink extender out of a shampoo bottle.
  14. Want to display your wine glasses? Use an old rake.
  15. Need a loveseat? Use an old cast iron bathtub!
  16. Have some old pillowcases? Make a little girl a dress!
  17. Keep track of incoming/outgoing mail with a window shutter.
  18. Need a lunchbox? Craft one out of plastic milk jug.
  19. Have a handy little helper? Make them a tot sized tool bench from an old dresser.
  20. Books need a home? Wooden crates and a couple of nails will help.
  21. Like shabby chic? Create a pallet headboard.
  22. Got some muddy feet? Wipe them on a plastic bag doormat.
  23. Got fruit? Make a plastic bag bowl.
  24. Old t-shirts make great comfy pillows.
  25. Still have more old t-shirts? Make a rug.